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Leadership Roles

Leadership Team Members each accept a particular leadership role to help accomplish the vision and goals of the BSM. 

More than one student can be in each coordinator role. 


This team will coordinate regular (weekly) activities on campus.
These activities could be “grab and go” activities centered on advertising for the BSM.
These activities could also be geared toward spiritual conversations.
These students will assist the other coordinators in advertising for their events, including advertising for FLOW and 806, helping with a prayer tent, inviting students to our fun events, etc.


These students will be responsible for and take ownership over all things 806. They will coordinate the band and plan a Christ-centered worship service. In addition, these students will plan and coordinate the use of any other mediums, such as Scripture readings and videos that help lead students to corporately worship God. These students will help advertise for 806. We want every WT student to know about 806.


These students will coordinate hands-on service opportunities for students to engage in.
They will coordinate the setting up and tearing down before and after any BSM events, including FLOW and 806. Additionally, these students will help clean the BSM after BSM events, primarily taking out any trash but also spot sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming when necessary.
These students will need to be able to recruit other students to help serve for FLOW and 806. When necessary, these students will assist the BSM staff in cooking and serving lunch at FLOW.
These students will also coordinate service activities on campus (for example: taking out the trash in the dorms, etc.)


These students will be responsible for leading Discovery Groups in the dorms and off campus as well as building a team of students that will lead Discovery groups. These groups should be geared towards seeing their peers (classmates/students) come to discover the Bible and who God is. The meeting times can be flexible but will need to be during the evening. These students will be expected to prepare for the Discovery Groups as well as maintain a consistent relationship with those in their group. Part of their relationship building will consist of some intentional discipleship time and developing future student leaders. Will be expected to lead their groups in engaging the campus through evangelism-driven outreaches. These leaders will also work with the staff to provide oversight, equip, and encourage all of the small group leaders.


These students will work alongside BSM staff to promote Go Now Missions and BSM Mission Projects. BSM Mission Projects include Spring Break Trip, Christmas Mission project, and if applicable BSM Summer Project. These students need to help us communicate the biblical mandate to go to the nations. They will also help coordinate fundraisers to help reach our Go Now Mission fundraising goal. Having Go Now or BSM Mission experience is preferred, but not required.


These students will facilitate the BSM prayer ministry, helping coordinate events such as prayer walks and our yearly prayer tent on campus.
They will be expected to lead our prayer time for UUPGs(Unengaged, Unreached People Groups) for every 806.
These students should be creative in taking up prayer requests from BSM students and students on campus.
These leaders will plan a prayer time before every event/outreach we do so that everything we do is saturated in prayer.


These students will coordinate and plan at least three fun, Christ-centered activities each semester (including the annual Christmas Party and End-Of-Year Party).

These students will also help BSM staff plan for homecoming activities.


These students will help organize, create resources, and help publicize community service opportunities for BSM students in the Canyon & Amarillo area. 

This can mean partnering with the campus, organizations, local ministries, and local churches for the betterment of our community.

Additionally, they will be the BSM leader over the “WT Big Event” (a one-day WT student-run community service day) that happens during the Spring semester in partnership with other Christian Organizations on campus.


These students will help manage and organize our BSM social media accounts and website in order to advertise our weekly ministries and special events.

They will find creative ways to engage new people and share redemptive truth on Social Media. They will work with the staff to ensure a consistent message that is engaging and appropriate for college students.


These students will take initiative in building a team for greeting people as they come to our events/outreaches.

They will need to be intentional so that the people who come feel welcomed and important.

They must have a heart to put others first, be observant of those around them (Is anyone sitting alone? Does someone look uncomfortable? Is there a new person in the room?) and take action to meet/introduce others to new students.


These students will assist BSM staff in leading our ministry to the international community at WT.

These students need to be willing to be available for relationships with international students.

These relationships are very rich and filled with kingdom potential, but do require intentional time.


These students will take the lead in ensuring that the BSM is involved in intramural sports at WTAMU opening opportunities for relationship-building and gospel proclamation.

They can form teams consisting of BSM students or encourage and challenge students to be involved on other teams (two different approaches that each have benefits.)

This team will also lead out in creating outreaches or social events that involve sports.


Is there some other ministry that God has placed on your heart that you would like to talk to BSM staff about?

We want to hear about it!!


These students will coordinate outreaches to the Fraternities and Sororities on campus. They must be intentional in having meetings and forming relationships with the Chaplains, Presidents, and Members of each Greek Life/Chapter. 

The hope of this ministry is to teach them how to facilitate Bible Studies/Devotions and have gospel presence within their community.

Greek ministry is considered a “go to” versus “come to” community which means it takes intentional time, patience, and constant presence outside of the BSM.

Being a part of Greek Life or having prior experience is preferred, but not required.

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