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Leadership Team Information & Expectations

Thank you for your interest in serving Christ through the BSM at West Texas A&M!

What is the vision of the ministry in 2022-2023?

As a BSM, we desire to see WT students have a saving relationship with Jesus, see the saved discipled, and the discipled sent to the nations.  We have simplified it into three words:

LOVE – We believe that God has strategically put us on the West Texas A&M campus to proclaim the Gospel to those that don’t know Him. We think the best way to love our campus is to proclaim the eternal love of our Savior.


LEAD – College is a natural time in which students experience significant growth – academically, relationally, and in maturity.  We also believe that spiritual growth is critical to a student’s experience in college.  We want to lead students to pursue the Lord with all their heart, mind, soul, and strength.  Leaders will model that pursuit of growth and they will challenge their fellow students to go deeper in their sanctification process.


LAUNCH – Proclaiming Christ to the nations is a biblical expectation of all believers.  As a BSM this is a priority.  It’s why we take mission projects at Christmas, Spring Break, and during the summer.  It’s also why an international ministry is critical.  Leaders will also participate in the going as well.  We want to be a launching ministry – creating more ministers of the Gospel as they move into their careers, pursue the proclamation of the Gospel to the nations, and lead in their local churches.


The BSM staff exists to usher students through these three pillars of our ministry.  We will mentor, train, and equip students to serve Christ.  Student leaders need a humble heart, willingness to serve, and a desire to grow in their faith.



LOVE – sharing the love and truth of Jesus to WT students.

LEAD - growing in your relationship with Jesus – being discipled and discipling others.

LAUNCH – taking the good news of the Gospel to those that haven’t heard.



  1. Consistent and growing in their relationship with Jesus for at least one full semester.  Be a disciple that seeks to draw near to God daily through prayer, Scripture reading, and Christian community.

  2. Has developed a heart to carry out the Great Commandment – to love God and love people.

  3. Willing to make sacrifices for the sake of reaching people.  Willing to put aside personal preferences, time, money, and hobbies for the sake of reaching WT students.

  4. Seeks to be discipled and to disciple others.

  5. Willing to participate in personal evangelism.

  6. Developing a heart for the nations.

  7. Growing in F.A.I.T.H. (Faithful, Available, (showing) Initiative, Teachable, and having a Heart for God and people.)


  • You will have “ownership” of your area of ministry.  You are responsible for taking initiative, carrying out the duties of your particular ministry, and enlisting help.

  • Be involved in a local church.

  • Members of the Leadership Team will hold one another accountable for Christian conduct according to Matthew 18:15-18.

  • Support the ministry of BSM by attending Free Lunch On Wednesday (FLOW), 806, small groups, on-campus outreach projects, Spring Break Mission Project, Abide, Christmas Mission project, etc. as schedule allows.

  • Being on the Leadership Team should take precedence over other groups, campus involvement, or social commitments.    

  • Leaders are expected to be flexible.

  • Unless otherwise agreed upon, being on the leadership team is a full school year-long commitment.


Regular Required Meetings:

  • Weekly leadership team meeting – Thursdays from 6:45-7:45pm

  • Meeting with a BSM staff member once a week.  

  • Lead your small group or ministry team weekly. 

We will REQUIRE our leadership team to be involved in:

  • Leadership Retreat during Collegiate Week (August)

  • Welcome Back Week Activities (tentatively August 18-28, 2022)

  • Fall Retreat (October 7-9, 2022)

We will EXPECT our leadership team to be involved in at least two of these events:

  • Christmas Mission Project (December 9-14, 2022)

  • Abide (late January 2023)

  • Spring Break Mission Project (March 10-18, 2023)

  • Go Now Missions or potential BSM Summer Mission Project

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