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Will You pray about joining our WTAMU BSM Leadership team for 2020/21?

BSM Leadership Info

What? To lead at BSM is to serve. 'Leadership does not begin with title or position, it begins the moment you
are more concerned about others' flourishing than your own.'
 – Andy Crouch


Who? You need to ask yourself, "Why not me?" & "Why not now?"


When? This team will serve for the 2020/21 school year, though in many ways it begins now!


Where? We exist for the campuses of WTAMU/AC! However, we believe if you reach the campus you reach
the world!


Why? To be and do what you are already created and called to do, which is to be apart of God’s mission in
the world!


How? Discover your gifts, learn to share your faith, fellowship with others, grow in your relationship with
God, & more!

BSM Servant Team

There will also be a servant team for those who cannot commit entirely to the leadership requirements.

More details to come!

Leadership Opportunities (Click for more information)

Co-presidents, Hospitality teams, Freshman leadership, International, Campus outreach, Missions, Discipleship, Prayer, Worship/Free Lunch, Intramural


Application Details

There are only 3 steps to the application process:

  1. There is a short online form to complete

  2. There will be a short interview with the staff and co-presidents (End of April)

  3. Take part in Spring Training (April Zoom Call) and the BSM Fall Leadership Retreat (Date Pending)



Each year we help all students on the leadership team grow in their relationship with God, in ministry, and in their leadership skills. This is done through leadership meetings throughout the year and in mentorship/discipleship meetings with staff and other leadership students. This year we are going to be having a leadership retreat to help us get prepared for FALL 2020


  • Intentionally walk with God – John 15:5

  • Be active in praying for the campus and in sharing the gospel – Luke 18:1-8

  • Be above reproach and exhibit Christlike character – Ephesians 5:18-21/ Galatians 6:22-23

  • Support of all BSM ministries – Phil 2:1-2

  • Be active in praying for one another and for BSM staff – Colossians 4:2-6

  • Involvement in a local church – Hebrews 10:23-25


  • Attend Spring Training (Zoom Call in April)

  • Attend Leadership Retreat (Fall – Date TBD)

  • Participate in Buff Branding

  • Attend leadership meetings throughout the year (Tuesdays @ 12:15)

  • Be involved in BSM ministries – Commit to attend either Free Lunch or Thursday night worship.

  • Commit for the school year – Unless graduating Fall 2020

  • Take part in at least one campus outreach per week

  • Be interviewed as mentions in the application details above.


Coordinate leadership team and represent the BSM on campus - sign up for BSM events, etc.
Goal: To work with BSM staff in the day to day functions of the ministry.


Hospitality Teams

Coordinate greeters, welcome card sign-ups, follow-up from all BSM meetings.
Goal: To make everyone feel welcome at the BSM.


Freshman/Transfer Leadership Team

Coordinate Freshman/Transfer teams.
Goal: To disciple and involve new student


International Team

Coordinate all ministry to International Students working closely with the International Office. 
Goal: To reach international students with the Gospel.


Campus Outreach Team

Coordinate all campus outreach weekly. 
Goal: To reach non-believers and believers not involved in Christian Life.


Missions Team

Coordinate all missions outreach - locally and nationally with an emphasis on GoNow Missions. 
Goal: To send and support WT students on mission.


Discipleship Team

Coordinate all Discipleship/Mentoring, small groups, and resources for new believers. 
Goal: Create a discipleship/evangelism culture in the BSM.


Prayer Team

Coordinate prayer ministry through BSM. Prayer emphasis, use of prayer room, 24-hour prayer event on campus, Abide conference - Jan. 2021.
Goal: To create a culture of prayer at the BSM

Worship/Free Lunch Teams

Coordinate one of the major meetings - program, set-up, worship team, speakers, etc.
Goal: To make both worship and luncheon spirit-led events to reach people.


Intramurals Team

Coordinate men’s/women’s intramurals to reach both believers and non-believers through competitive athletics.
Goal: To reach students who are not involved in the BSM.

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